October 21, 2013

Quite frankly I haven’t had this much fun photographing Brit in full public since the morning of the Palace of Fine arts shoot, where, in front of 50 shocked European tourists, she went from pants to a red dress in the parking lot.  For this shoot, the government shut down came to my advantage.  There were NO park rangers that could kick me out due to my over-sized camera (camera jealousy).  This however didn’t stop tourists from gawking at my snow queen prancing around in the wind like this was her former palace.  Add a little sheep skin to lots of lines and sparkly Cinderella shoes and you’ve got one hell of gala get-up.  The only thing missing was her prince charming.  But after that shoot I’m sure she won’t be wanting. 

THE LOOK: Vest, Silk Tank, Shoes, Pants - Pallazo pants from Urban centuries ago

styled and photographed by: Summer Wilson

modeled by: Brit Allyn

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